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Meet The Future Of Crypto Wallets

Fortune Wallet enables users to store, send, and interact with their crypto in the easiest way possible. 

Designed by industry experts, Fortune Wallet uses patented technology to allow its users to send and receive crypto in a way never before seen and only available on Fortune Wallet.   

Goodbye copy and pasting wallet addressses. Goodbye sending test amounts. Goodbye sending the wrong crypto to the wrong wallet.

Perfect for those who use crypto casually, professionally, or as a gamer.


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Fortune Wallet Features 

Just some of the current and future features of the Fortune Wallet

Wallet Privacy

Use only a custom username for each crypto you use within your wallet. Never share a complex wallet address again. 

Currency Mining

Mine simple coins directly from your cell phone or desktop device. Mined coins will go straight into your wallet. 

Token Track 

Track your favorite Tokens all in one place. Condense your holdings pages to show only the Tokens you use.  

Send & Recieve

Send and Receive crypto using only your username. Great for streamers, gamers, corporate and day to day users. 


Connect your Fortune Wallet to the CEEK Metaverse, the RadioShack DEX and other third parties to log into their services easily. 

NFT Storage

NFT Storage and management for all of your NFT assets. Easily hold, move, and display your NFT assets all in one place. 

Home: Services
Home: Services

Get Involved

Fortune Wallet is currently in fundraising mode! 

We are looking for international and accredited investors within the United States to purchase equity within Fortune Wallet Labs, Inc. Feel free to download a copy of our current Pitch Deck (below) and reach out with any questions that you have. 

Fortune Wallet Labs, Inc offers a number of exit routes for investors depending on their level of involvement and presents a great investment opportunity for those looking to get into crypto! 

Download a copy of our Pitch Deck here. 

Who is Fortune Wallet Designed For? 



Day to Day

Receiving tips and donations in Crypto, using nothing more than your Username. Protecting your wallet holdings while giving your viewers the ability to tip you in real time. 

Accept payment from clients and customers for each location or member of the team, by assigning them a custom username. Never mixing funds into one wallet. 

Send and receive crypto between your friend and family using nothing more than your custom username for each crypto you receive. Never copy and paste, never send test amounts. 


Below, we have provided some of the most common questions that we receive about Fortune Wallet 

What is the benefit of Fortune Wallet? 

Fortune Wallet uses patented technology, designed to allow its users to send and receive crypto in a way never before seen in the crypto world. No copy and pasting wallet addresses. No sending test amounts. Get the right person with the right wallet the first time, every time. 

What are the advantages to the patented system? 

Users will never need to copy and paste long wallet addresses again. The system is designed to also make it impossible to send the wrong token to the wrong wallet address! This whole process speeds up the process of sending and receiving crypto and also helps cut network waste with test transactions. 

Where are you in the process? 

The Patent(s) have been filed and we have already won the right to use the name Fortune Wallet (trademarked). Development and testing is being done on new features and our budget to date has focused on RND. Now, we are ready to begin building the wallet and launching the BETA into market. We want you on that journey! 

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